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The spectacular aura of our striking performances caters to a sizeable audience in a way that transcends global boundaries and stretches beyond the generational gap. With +8.5m audiences of various demographics, backgrounds, and ages- dazzled with the sensory experience of world-class stage spectacles, the wow factor of our creation continues to triumph. Furthermore, +40 years of experience remains our guiding light in successfully retaining the position of an esteemed turnkey entertainment production house. With award-winning majestic outfits, exquisite set designs, and meticulously integrated and lavish stage shows, Dion & Randall has maintained a proven track record for producing high end winning formula for presenting dynamic displays of eye-candy visuals and creating a family-friendly stage experience, paying homage to classic and contemporary expressions of art.


The overarching theatrical wonder of Dion & Randall transcends beyond the breathtaking visuals and inventiveness of artistic expression because we are transparent in dealings, effective in negotiations, and thoroughly efficient in delivering multimillion-dollar stage spectacles. Hence, D&R prides itself in establishing strategic relations with clients globally. Hence, driven by the pursuit of delivering on time in accordance with the given budget, D&R goes the extra mile to schedule rehearsals, procure highly skilled local and international artists, and draft effective marketing strategies that have never failed to take the theatrical world by storm in the past +4 decades. Therefore, prompt and professional, D&R remains a pioneering force in the realm of entertainment and production.


Costumes by Nina Randall Bahoudian are stars in their own right, adding glamour, class and style.

Helpmann Award Nomination Best Costumes (Tempo Rouge)

Unrivalled show experiences.


Nina & Adam (Dion & Randall International) have raised the bar and set a new benchmark for entertainment in our showroom.

Grant Bowie

Former CEO, Jupiters Hotel and Casino (now The Star Queensland)

Nina & Adam raised the bar with their previous hit stage spectacle, Hidden Palace…they have done it yet again with Midnight Magic…World-class entertainment at its very finest!

Howard Drietzer

CEO, Jupiters Hotel & Casino (now The Star Queensland)

Once again we are proud to have teamed up with the creative talents of world respected producers Adam Dion & Nina Randall, who return to Jupiters Theatre following the unrivalled success in the history of Jupiters Theatre with their previous record-breaking sell out shows, ‘Hidden Palace’ & ‘Midnight Magic

Charles Read

Managing Director, Jupiters Hotel and Casino (now The Star Queensland)

Zingara is our 17th stage spectacular and continues our enviable reputation for creating exceptional stage spectaculars. Once again we are proud to have teamed up with the creative talents of Adam Dion Bahoudian and Nina Randall Bahoudian, who return to Jupiters Theatre following the success of ‘Tempo Rouge’, Midnight Magic’ and ‘Hidden Palace’. For Zingara, Adam and Nina have again created a magnificent array of costumes, music and talent for an outcome that is absolutely spectacular

Xavier Walsh

Managing Director, Jupiters Hotel and Casino (now The Star Queensland)

I write in support of Dion & Randall International, a respected entertainment business that has served the community for more than four decades and have been a cornerstone of the Australian entertainment world, bringing hundreds of spectacular shows to audiences, and providing an important career opportunity for thousands of Australian artists. This has been recognised through multiple awards, and countless sold-out shows.

Hon. Bill Shorten MP

Member of Australia Parliament

Adam and Nina, Congratulations on yet another spectacular Dion and Randall entertainment spectacle for The 500 Club Annual Ball. The show was world-class, Felicity and I thoroughly enjoyed the show as did all the guests.

Hon. Jeff Kennett AC

Former Premier of Victoria

Congratulations on the stunning success of your show at this year’s 500 Club Annual Ball. The spectacular and energetic production was the best entertainment ever seen at a 500 Club event….our guests said it was the best show they have seen anywhere. The quality and scale has set a new standard for corporate entertainment.

Vale, John D Elliot Former Chairman The 500 Club, former chairman of the Elders IXL and former president of the Australian Liberal Party and former president of the Carlton Football Club.

Nina and Adam were responsible for the preparation of budgets for the pre-production and operations. They controlled the costs throughout the project and ensured the budget was maintained by working closely with many suppliers, choreographers, set builders and performers. They negotiated with performers and assisted to administer the contracts until effective completion. They liaised with us to ensure all costs were approved and presented the information in a clear, concise and timely manner that enabled us to make informed decisions on the shows. Budgets were tightly controlled and only ever exceeded is scope changes were agreed and client approval given.

Nina and Adam took great pride in their work and displayed the highest integrity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and I have and would again

Justine Henwood

Chief Financial Officer Crown Melbourne Limited

Adam and Nina are recognised for the excellence in their field through the productions they create. With the theatre’s capacity of 1,125 and 8 shows performed a week, the occupancy for both Tempo Rouge and Zingara set a new benchmark, with only previous productions of Adam and Nina’s achieving this level of success. Through my 18 years experience in the local and international music and entertainment industry, it is always a pleasure to meet people in the business that live and work by a high standard of ethics. In working with Adam and Nina on both productions from 2005 to 2008, I was fortunate to have realised this again.

Elise Hutnley

Entertainment Services Manager Conrad Jupiters (now The Star Queensland)

The President, Vice-President, theatre and hotel team are all incredibly proud, honoured and sincerely thank you Nina, Adam and your incredibly professional team for producing and delivering with dedicated passion on time and within budget, a truly impressive and spectacular show for our 47th Walkerhill Kayagum Theatre. Our theatre has a 47 year history of presenting large scale shows…Gypsy Moon is by far the most superior stage show. The sheer beauty, quality performers, your ingenious creativity, beautiful costumes and world-class presentation of Gypsy Moon were the perfect recipe for full houses nightly. There were many unforeseen challenges including breakout of War in Georgia and airline strikes in Germany. You overcame each and every intrusion with great integrity, grace and expertise. I am still baffled as to how you managed to get your performers safely out of the war torn capitol of Tblisi and into Seoul in time for rehearsals and the Grand opening.

Mr. Sunghwan Choi

Director of Entertainment Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul & Kayagum Theatre

Thank you for producing the most sensational, stunning show ever seen at a 500 Club Ball – and we’ve had some great shows over the years! The show was visually stunning, exciting, immensely entertaining and the costumes were breathtaking. The feedback from everyone who was there has been full of accolades – guest were amazed at the quality size and sheer spectacle of the show. I loved Jeff Kennett’s comment that it was great old-fashioned entertainment, the likes of which you just don’t see anymore. Alan Stockdale said it was the best show he had ever seen anywhere! It is rare indeed to find such professionalism as was reflected in all our meetings during the year and especially throughout the long day of rehearsal. I look forward to you knocking the socks off our guests at the Casino next year!

Gloria Krope

Executive Director The 500 Club

On behalf of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, a huge thank you to you and your team for being a key part of the success of the 2014 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix. All your hard work, dedication and high level of entertainment was delivered with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism…see you next year.

Geordie Miles

Event Entertainment Manager

It was such a pleasure and a delight working with you Nina, Adam and your team during your production of TRIKSTARS – Masters of Trickery. The enthusiasm, care and attention to every detail illustrated by you all made all of us at Her Majesty’s Theatre work that little bit harder. Despite a short lead time and international flight delays you showed temerity and determination which was to your credit as the show was rehearsed and put through technical rehearsals in record time and the end result was nothing short of excellent and audiences were able to experience talent not seen here before. Thank you for a successful season.

Mark Rowe

General Manager Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne

Congratulations! So thrilled, to receive news of your ‘ Australian Achiever Award ‘.
You and Adam have developed a company that really is so deserving of this acknowledgment.

Ann Peacock

General Manager Public Relations at Crown Casino

Extremely professional, honest and transparent in all their dealings and communication, and above all, passionately dedicated to their art form. Their attention to budget, fine detail, creative vision and pursuit of excellence always exceeded our expectations. Our showroom was a very unique destination experience requiring tailor made original shows to suit our international market. Adam and Nina provided us with visually spectacular shows that our multi-faceted customer target market.

Richard Porter

Executive Manager Marketing and Entertainment, The Reef Hotel Casino Cairns

Nina, Adam… A thrilling performance.. great pre-show atmosphere, excellent show, amazing response. Thank you, for your skills and patience over the last months week and days…Your steady professional work and attitude has been a huge comfort and benefit to the project and to me personally…So my sincere thanks.

Andrew Guild

Chairman Theatre Tours International