Stage Show Development

Our Expertise As Producers..

conceptors, artist-booking consultants, event and tour coordinators cover a broad variety of products undertaken at Dion & Randall International ©


  • conceiving and producing large scale theatrical family friendly st age spectacles in australia, across asia and beyond including: jupiters theatre (now the star gold coast theatre) 10 years, her majestys theatre melbourne, kayagum theatre
    seoul, south korea, countless projects undertaken in indonesia, malaysia, south africa, singapore, hong kong, vietnam and cambodia
  • Majorevents include: australian f1 and australian moto gp, moomba, community festivals. Michael edgley great moscow circus china and hong kong tours – artistic redesign of the circus including show format, choreography, music scores and costumes.
  • International artist tours.
  • Film and television casting, production of video, television and radio commercials.
  • Marketing and advertising, print design and more


Key Roles

  • producers and creators of high -end conceptual shows
  • artistic direction
  • local and international talent sourcing, procurement, salary negotiation and contracting
  • create, implement and manage budgets
  • freight & travel logistics
  • immigration and visa applications
  • project manage all productions with a ‘hands on approach
  • full technical, stage and production design
  • performers and crew scheduling for all rehearsals and performances
  • stage and costume design
  • reporting accountability directly to the respective venues ceo and cfo
  • marketing strategies

Key Competencies

  • highly ethical and responsible approach to all aspects of our business
  • transparent communication skills and negotiation capabilities
  • proven track record for delivering winning entertainment trends and formulas ontimeand within budget
  • strong team players and relationship builders with experienced guidance skills
  • highly creative, resourceful, efficient, organised, motivated and passionate aboutour craft
  • can do approachto all given tasks

Dion & Randall’s database of talent is extensive and we are particularly proud of the long term lasting relationships forged with artists, crew and clients globally.

Consultants Conceptors Coordinators

Dion & Randall has not claimed its position as the most esteemed turnkey production house without truly living up to its reputation.


It follows a thoroughly comprehensive pre-production journey before finally setting up the breathtaking stage, which includes:

  • Talent sourcing and procurement
  • Salary negotiation
  • Contracting
  • Creating, implementing, and managing budget
  • Freight and travel logistics
  • Immigration and visa applications


Before finally unveiling the theatrical extravaganza, Dion & Randall meticulously conceives an idea and moulds it to perfection with award-winning bejewelled costume designs and vibrant lighting. Therefore, the high-end conceptual shows finally take the shape of a stunning spectacle with:

  • Rehearsal schedules and performances
  • Influential marketing strategies
  • Scrupulously integrated show formatting
  • Harmoniously coordinated choreography
  • Music scores of auditory divinity
  • State of the art imagery
  • Dazzling Costumes
  • Appealing print design
  • Artistic Redesign
  • Film and Television Casting


People don’t always remember what you say but will always remember how they are made to feel” Indeed, the prime motive of Dion&Randall for the last +4 decades is to ameliorate that remarkable experience of clients by not just dazzling their senses with grand blockbuster productions but with our integrity in offering turnkey services of theatrical excellence. Dion& Randall has tenaciously stood its ground to:
  • Report accountability to respective venues’ CEO and CFO
  • Remain ethical and responsible in every aspect of the production
  • Be lucid and transparent in dealings
  • Persistent as a strong team player
  • Forge new and strategic alliances with the clientele


With an amalgamation of creativity and candour, Dion & Randall has demonstrated the array of its breathtakingly exceptional and artistically innovative expertise on a global stage.


  • Experienced guidance skills
  • Highly creative
  • Resourceful
  • Efficient
  • Organised
  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • ‘Can Do’ Approach