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Show Synopsis

Premiered: 2017
Venues Performed: Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater Malaysia
Shows Performed: 2 Week Season

CIRQUE PANDA Features High-Fling acrobatics from artists of the China National Acrobatic Troupe.
From the far reaches of China comes the magical tale of Cirque Panda and the enchanting story of a little panda called Wen Wen who lives in the Bamboo Valley among many extraordinarily talented acrobatic pandas. She ultimately has a chance encounter with the illusive Panda Master who takes Wen Wen under his wings and teaches her the skilled art of acrobatics so she can realize her dreams.
Cirque Panda combines jaw dropping high-ting acrobatics, award winning thrilling circus acts, breathtaking sound scape, dance, dazzling costumes and all set against a visually stunning backdrop of led & multi media effects.
Cirque Panda is a fun colourful, exciting stage spectacle for the whole family and an experience not to be missed