Where It All Began

A nostalgic trip back to the 80s would recall the formation of a multi-award winning entertainment consultancy named Casino Promotions Entertainment by a sensational duo of Adam Dion and Nina Randall. The consequent success of this amalgamation of artistic mastery of Adam with the vogue flair and style of Nina laid the foundation for what we call Dion & Randall today.

The Terrific Team

The creative expertise of Adam Dion over innovative spectacles has rhythmically blended in the extraordinary shades of Nina Randall’s fashionable designs to produce theatrical excellence on stage.


Having a panoramic exposure to this unique expression of art including film and television for more than 4+ decades, Dion and Randall has become thoroughly acquainted with the intricacies constituting an impeccable stage show.

Recipients of our opulence

The award-winning presentation of theatrical marvel for corporate functions and other special events has struck millions with awe and bewitched them with a regal spell of captivating performances, amusing circuses, classical ballets and every other form of artistic entertainment in between.

Our celebrated distinctions

The meticulous attention to every detail of the show spanning from the award-winning bejewelled costumes to the breathtaking staging has helped D&R remain at the forefront in the domain of entertainment and glittering stage productions. The unparalleled stage phenomenon of Dion & Randall traverses through the essence of inventive originality towards the manifestation of theatrical perfection.