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Premiered: 2001 – 2002
Venues Performed: Conrad Jupiters Hotel & Casino (Now Known As The Star)
Shows Performed: 443

A place rich in culture and extravagance set in the height of the Egyptian Empire.
A place where travellers are drawn to places filled with precious jewels, beauty, mythology and Hidden Treasurers!
Vibrant colour, grace and sensuality are everywhere to be seen.
Be-jewelled costumed performers unveil mysteries through dance and artistry, set to captivating global rhythms. A visually stunning, grand, Vegas-style stage show featuring breathtaking sets, lavish costumes and amazing special effects that reveal an exotic place so foreign to our everyday lives…the mystery of the exotic East awaits you!

Nina & Adam (Dion & Randall International) have raised the bar and set a new benchmark for entertainment in our showroom.

Grant Bowie

Former CEO, Jupiters Hotel and Casino (now The Star Queensland)


... a stage show spectacular!

Hidden Palace is a production that will leave you spellbound. … one of the most spectacular shows ever seen in this town. … a formidable combination of talent. The performers, the costumers, the sounds, the sets, the lighting… it’s truly magical!

Soraya Vinodolac

Hidden Palace enchants audience

… stunning live stage production… … Hidden Palace has performed over 350 shows to packed audiences, with rave reviews from critics. … a huge success.

Queensland Times

Dazzling new show at Conrad Jupiters

One of the entertainment highlights on the Gold Coast… Hidden Palace has everything… … features music, dance and stunning costumes…

Australian Jewish News

Razzle dazzles!

… the beautifully dressed and staged show (worth seeing for the costumers alone) really works, maintaining the high technical quality with which this venue has become identified.
… a sparkling entertainment package.
… it gives a guaranteed return for the investment of a ticket.

Des Partridge

A Hidden Treasure

Conrad Jupiters was the place to be on Saturday night as locals and visitors lined up to see the Egyptian-themed stage show, Hidden Palace. The popular show drew crowds who were eager to see the colourful costumers, light displays, music and dancing…

Gold Coast Bulletin