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Adam Dion Bahoudian

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Producer & Creative Director

As Napoleon Hill has said: “SOME PEOPLE DREAM OF SUCCESS WHILE OTHERS WAKE UP AND WORK HARD AT IT” Adam is an embodiment of this quote. He is the face of Dion and Randall, the epitome of art and creativity. His career began in television and movie production, and his portfolio includes both theatre and television. For 45 years, Adam has been working with some big names of the entertainment industry like Crawford Productions and ABC Television, along with that, he has produced countless shows, special events, and arena spectaculars all around Australia and globally.


Adam co-founded Casino Promotions Entertainment Consultants in 1981 with partner Nina Randall Bahoudian, a firm committed to the global delivery of the finest quality live entertainment. Adam established Dion and Randall International in the limelight in 1998 with a run of extremely successful productions, including the development of an 80-person dazzling stage spectacular for the grand opening of Melbourne’s Crown Casino. He has had a long-standing partnership with Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast Australia (now The Star Gold Coast) as well, since the 2000s, where he produced a commendable work of art for the Jupiter theatre. After several years from 2008 to 2009, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill South Korea commissioned Dion and Randall to create and produce Walkerhill’s Kayagum Theatre’s 47th stage play, ‘Gypsy Moon,’ and because it was a masterpiece it exceeded all expectations. To date, Dion and Randall have actively conceived, designed, and produced innumerable variety stage events in theatres around Australia and South East Asia, including some ongoing stage, plays in Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne, Sunway Amphitheatre Malaysia, plus they are affiliated with renowned producers at Theatre Tours International for the all-new international production of The Great Moscow Circus in South Africa, Singapore, and Sydney.