Go Hollywood

All The Glitz And The Glamour Of Las Vegas The Ultimate Show…

Premiered 1991 – 1992
Performed 146 Shows Nationally

Once upon a time, beneath a cinema far, far away lived two rats, whose only enjoyment in life was to scurry into the dimly lit movie halls pausing only to nibble the carelessly dropped popcorn and dodging the Jaffas rolling down the aisles to watch their idols on the big silver screen.

One day during intermission the two rats decided, as only rats can, to make a pilgrimage to our “Rap Rats” equivalent of Mecca….and thus began the journey that was to become known among rodents all over the world as…Rap Martin and Rap Lewis “GO HOLLYWOOD”!

Showcasing 16 of Australia’s most talented singers and dancers, over 200 dazzling costumes and pays tribute to the All-Time Hollywood musical greats in a 90 minute mind-blowing spectacular described as “The Ultimate Australian Cabaret”.

Our very own ‘Dean Martin and ‘Jerry Lewis’ bring to life more than 50 years of movie history with a galaxy of stars in this glamorous, mayhem-filled production where ‘almost anything goes’.