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Nina Randall Bahoudian

Nina Randall Bahoudian

Co-founder/Executive Producer

Nina Randall Bahoudian is an integral part of Dion and Randall. With 40 years of experience, Nina is immensely respected throughout Australia and internationally. Her inventive skills along with her expertise in costumes and styling are a big asset to Dion and Randall International.


In 2006, Nina was nominated for the coveted Helpmann Award for Best Costume Design – Tempo Rouge, a Dion and Randall stage spectacle. Along with this, The Sacred Order of Santa Maria di Betlemme, created in 1459 by Pope Pio, bestowed the honorific title of Dame on Nina in 1993 in appreciation of her philanthropic works and strong devotion to her Italian ancestry. Nina developed an early interest in fashion and costume design and graduated with a Diploma from the Melbourne College of Textiles before teaching speech and drama until 1980 when she co-founded Casino Promotions along with partner Adam Dion, a multi-award winning entertainment consultancy that provides live entertainment services for major events and corporate functions worldwide. She also found a casting agency named Casino Casting Agency, which has helped numerous Australians bag roles in the cinema and television as well. As the co-owner of Dion and Randall, Nina combines skill with the creation of shimmering and expensive costumes. Throughout the years, she has made several stunning costumes that have highlighted her incredible creativity and passion. Dion and Randall create spectacular shows that are broadcast all over the world. Their performances are genuine works of art that showcase originality, the brilliance of art, and stage design. They continue to dazzle and enchant audiences with their sparkling and spectacular concerts, which are always a joy to behold.